memorial weekend

wow what a great weekend i've had thus far. my 'boy', (fatima) came to visit and it was absolutely lovely. marcus and my best friend jen are the two people that really make my decision to be out here so damn difficult. man how they remind me of home. i don't feel like we got enough time. you have to go down memory lane and that can take a couple of days...then you get to kick it and make new memories...couple more days. we had one. (debbie downer music) it was good though i won't complain too much. man...i'm kinda bummed. so yeah we hung, had good food, laughed...i took him to pinkberry AND jinky's folks...oh yeah. we got our grub on. i was really sad dropping him sad that i was totally distracted by the dude at the gas station with gold teeth yelling "sup shawty, you look fine today" lol...

i was trying to convince his stinkin' behind to move out here but alas he has this thing with traffic and just my luck we just happened to be on the 101 and someone cut me off and almost jacked us up...i've never heard him scream quite like he did but it sounded like a 78 year old cute little woman so i'm taking that as the final nail in the coffin that his arse is staying in the midwest. lol...sigh. at least he promises to visit more now that he's graduated. DANG!

my girls totally eased my pain (abondonment issues remember) by inviting me out to a bbq. 'T & E' (hee hee) are the ish..had me laughing it up and i got to meet some cool new folks that are eclectically this shiz nit. it was actually e's friend's bbq and might i say he can cook a mean hamburger. don't you love memorial weekend? one other thing. i got to see cute little couples that just exist comfortably together which gives a sister a bit of hope that it can happen. i went and saw "the waitress" with marcus and b yesterday and that movie helped a little with the baby thing too lol. it was just a good weekend to have my faith restored...even if a tiny bit it was still something.

i'm a funny gal. for the most part i love my independence (aka single-ness) and chillin and doing my own thang but tonight i'm kinda bummed to be at home and watching fever pitch alone. i miss my friend. i want him to come back. : ( sniff.

more bbq fun times tomorrow. marcus may come along for the ride. : ) bully tish is about to take care of that.


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