journalism is not what it used to be

i woke up this morning and turned on the news...10 minutes of news is all i can handle. (journalism school jacked a girl up in the head!) today, unfortunately, proved my theory that journalism has taken a turn for the worse correctly. (read volunteer slavery...great book on journalism and the office politics that consume it...then pick up a dave berry book--he's great on the press)

what happened to the days of true muckrakers?...truly unbiased news reporting and worse off...what happened to freedom of the press? the story that brought about such questions: the immigrant rallies that happened all around the nation yesterday. specifically one in la...police were called in after hearing there could be a possible disturbance and went crazy on the crowds...i saw police with clubs and rubber bullets pounding away on journalists and their camera journalist kept saying "we're just trying to get to our car"...what the heck is up with folks today?

is that one of the many reasons reporting has gone down the proverbial hole? fear? i think this was a rare occasion but who knows...that could just be me being the forever naivete. the reasons why i have not a clue but that doesn't change the fact that journalism is not what it used to be in the good ole days...


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