hang on to your heifas

so the most wonderful man in the world just vowed to marry me and treat me like a princess. so what if he's 3 : ) i heart jalen.

sometimes i get really girly emotional and go on praise patrol...i feel like doing that now. : )

i talk about my girlfriends a lot and how swell they are but i still need to give them their props more often because they really do make my world go round. my two best friends in the whole wide world seriously had me laughing so hard my stomach hurt and lifted my spirits even more than they already were today. thanks for the owl story j...lol. sigh.

then ms. b is the queen of perspective...no one else can shake me over the phone quite like she can. i got cho back girl and you've got mine!

e, even though i haven't talked to her in a straight minute, reminds me of home and family...i love the fact that she can jam to classic rock with her fellow sister girl.

her sister and partner in crime--t, the twin, is my gully friend for life (look that up heifa if you west coasts don't know what it means)

bree shares my tinsel town dreams, rushell is the best example of a strong successful career woman that i know, chele is my teacher in every sense of the word....the sister girls back home, vikk, ellen, jenn, teresa, cuz, i'm seriously lucky as heck to have them all...they make my world go round : )

in a couple of weeks i'm having a slumber party for some ladies to show them how much i heart them. i was talking to a girl that i work with and she was surprised at the idea of a grown woman having a slumber party...i had to school her...having good women in your corner is the best thing. no matter what they're there for you. find some good ones and hang on to the heifas!

i love you all and thank you...i hope i give back what you give me...it's a lifetime goal. call me oprah jr....without the black diamond hoop earrings of course. : )


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