doors shut all the time

i realize doors shut all the time but seriously...i didn't want to come back to work today after my GLORIOUS vacation to the sounds of people crying because half our department has just been let go. shipping jobs overseas is so sad...some of the best people are leaving including my little mamacita--this older mexican woman i work with and adore. the minute i came back from the meeting i went to her and just cried. all the folks affected will be ok. some even called it a beautiful mixed blessing so on that end my heart is at peace but i HATE saying goodbye to the people that fill my world.

i did mention i have a thing with abandonment right?

my day was pretty much a bummer after that. the higher ups kept coming by my desk to see if i was going postal...which i never did thank you. sigh. being a big kid sucks sometimes. a lot of times.

i'm still hanging on to my weekend of sheer fun cuz with days like today ya just gots to!


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