the definitive me

my best friend told me the best story the other day...

before oprah was oprah she read a little ole book called _the color purple_ and fell in love. she knew she had to be in the movie that was coming out so she auditioned...didn't hear anything for months and then right when she was working on accepting the fact that she couldn't have all her dreams steven spielberg called...

if you're just tuning in to tishy's talk time then you missed the blog that's oh so similar to oprah's story...any day now my writing lady is going to call me with the beautiful news that i'm in! in my element...

someone watched a performance i did once and asked for my autograph and that meant so much to me. i hold on to those moments...auditioning for an acting class back home and the teacher stopping me to tell me i had brilliant instinct....i have to remember these things to keep me going. it's not conceited lol...when i'm not acting i'm not alive. i've put up with some lousy tish for quite some time. one thing i've learned is that i can't reach my definitive self when i'm not in my element (yes i keep coming back to that word)

i went from thinking, living, breathing visualizing being an actress to getting wrapped up in a weird version of something i think was love and it took me away from all that i knew and was so now i'm working on getting back to me...getting back to to the life i'm supposed to have.

there's a del taco burrito on tv that looks oh so good. i was told tonight i'm the ultimate bachelor when it comes to my living style...yes i'm somewhat of a tomboy but a tomboy who luvs some grey's anatomy. this stuff is great can i just say that? have you ever noticed how they started both shows, grey's and this new spin off with patient humor....grey's used to revolve around the stuff...adds something special doesn't it? the woman in the elevator talking is kind of creepy... i love this stuff.

update: i have a thing in two weeks with a group of working actors...a friend hooked me up. : ) new friends...yeah!


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