can't wait for the 'now what'

today i went to the sony studios in carson city to meet up with a girlfriend of mine. she can get great sony discounts...thus making tishy a very happy girl. i was able to replace my camera. :) yeah

the best part of the whole experience though....walking on sony pictures' lot. as soon as my foot hit the pavement a chill went thru my body. i can't wait to work at that just felt so perfect. i was so happy...happier than i've been in a long time. just being in that element...where the magic happens. my girl is a personal life coach and she was discussing how she meets with this group of people who are in the element doing what they love and discuss how to keep going. she told a story about a guy that said he had reached his goals and was now wondering where to go from there..."now what"...i can't wait for my "now what". it's gonna be a love-ly day ya'll....lovely day.

so now i'm just working on elliminating the bitterness i hold for the fork in the path i had to take...i've had two this break up forked me onto a new path and this did...financially. everything happens for a reason but i can't help but think what would have happened if i didn't have to fork out an obscene amount of money on this thing...i had to cancel a lovely eyebrow wax for starters...just call me caterpillar bert.

p.s. there are so many things in the air that i can't say...that can't even form in my brain and transfer to my fingers to type. it's stifling and sad...


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