a beautiful blur

so today couldn't be all doom and gloom in the good ole blog 'o tish.

i just finished writing in my journal about this weekend and i still can't get over how much fun i had. i was so hesitant to go. all my girls already had plans...b was telling me too many things were going wrong and i should take it as a sign and just forget about it but everything worked out so freaking perfectly. i swear the weekend was one big beautiful blur... it was so good...

it's so weird that i miss people that i just met as much as i do. it's crazy because when i got to vegas it was just my boy and i..he went to go pick up the other peeps from the airport and i stayed behind and napped. when i woke up the house was alive with chatter, i walked out and immediately got a big ole bear hug from p and then it just got better and better from there. we all, my girl EVR and i especially, clicked so quick (poet and didn't know it) and because of that we had the most carefree weekend.

it's amazing how our life just picks us up and carries us along...when i let go and just flow where the wind blows me i seem to have the best times.

i heart the vegas vandals..."T.P.", kao, pimpalicous L, and EVR thank you.

now remember, whenever you hear the following songs, smile a big one and think of the good times...

summer love

because of you

that stupid song by the game that kao played only to make my butt twitch



like a cholo

and glamorous (in honor of the lovely rhino joint)

[Edit] [Delete] [View Comments] Subject : doors shut all the time

Posted Date: : May 15, 2007 6:25 PM

i realize doors shut all the time but seriously...i didn't want to come back to work today after my GLORIOUS vacation to the sounds of people crying because half our department has just been let go. shipping jobs overseas is so sad...some of the best people are leaving including my little mamacita--this older mexican woman i work with and adore. the minute i came back from the meeting i went to her and just cried. all the folks affected will be ok. some even called it a beautiful mixed blessing so on that end my heart is at peace but i HATE saying goodbye to the people that fill my world.

i did mention i have a thing with abandonment right?

my day was pretty much a bummer after that. the higher ups kept coming by my desk to see if i was going postal...which i never did thank you. sigh. being a big kid sucks sometimes. a lot of times.

i'm still hanging on to my weekend of sheer fun cuz with days like today ya just gots to!

[Edit] [Delete] [View Comments] Subject : what happens in vegas...

Posted Date: : May 14, 2007 5:48 PM

now i'm not completely a blog junky. i realize that what happens in vegas has to stay in vegas, but i can be general right? just no details? lol...

i met some of the coolest folks this weekend and we partied like rockstars (homage to the 'vegas soundtrack' we experienced). when i say i had THE best vegas experience. we slept, ate, chilled in and by the pool, laughed our butts off...i met some of the best folks and we did everything you're supposed to do with cool peeps and more. i was really sad when the folks started boarding their perspective planes and left. i have many pics, many videos and many memories that i will NEVER forget. : )

oh one thing! the belaggio fountain....my first time. frank sinatra "let luck be a lady"...it was beautiful. sigh...sometimes the gals have to leave the boys and do their own thang...thank you erica!!!

[Edit] [Delete] [View Comments] Subject : get away from la...

Posted Date: : May 9, 2007 7:20 PM

vacation approval pending....


and boy do i need it...can i get an amen sister?! ( from the back: amen sister!)

for some reason i have a fire up my butt and the only thing that will put the sucker out is chillin with some uber cool peeps...that didn't come out right but yet it did...

my play brother justin, kao and some other ku peeps will all be kickin it chill style. some of us will be at kao's condo in vegas...i plan to bring some board games (taboo and scrabble for the lucky ones), a good book or two and a bikini. nothing big, no big shot gambling...just hanging out with the bro's....maxin' and relaxin' and staying away from no good. ; ) (if you started singing the fresh prince song give yourself 10 points)

i just have to get thru this long dreadful work week. has it been draggin' for anybody else? today i was actually caught in mid zombie face....you know the open-mouthed blank stare at your computer screen...hee hee...

today wasn't a complete drain of energy though...i found a job posting at my company that i'll be applying for soon..i'd be writing : ) yeah for journalism! i got to see my dear boo e who's unfortunately sick. i brought her some chicken soup and power-c. ya can't go wrong with the naked drinks yo! i have to take care of my girls!!! then argued with kao about going out to vegas. he obviously won so i'll be leaving at 3 a.m. friday morning...he's about to unleash the beast!

b put it best. sometimes you just have to get away...leave la. she's a very smart chick.


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