sanity sisters

warning: this is not one of my happy go lucky 'i love the world' moments...

dude my girl came up with that clever name today and it's swellrific. every girl needs a sanity sister to keep the damn for instance, right now i just saw a picture of someone that makes me frickin livid as heck and i had to text one of my sanity sisters to calm my butt down...five steps forward, dumb boys and take 10 steps back...

na eff all of this!!! i had my good days i can have a damn bad day! i'm so sick of dogs...damn tired. wormtail can go screw himself...b if you ever hang with that trifling dude i swear i'll throw up in my mouth lol...i swear it!

is it better or worse when your ex starts dating a girl that looks like booty?


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