oh happy day


i just had one of those days where you know it's just gonna be great from the moment you wake up. i have this little bounce in my step that is quite delightful i must say. it's national admin appreciation day. i'm the slave (i refer to myself as kunta specifically) of my department and most days this irks me to no end...doing brainless tasks day in and day out can wear a sister down but days like today...sigh. my whole department got together and wrote me the sweetest cards. i never knew i had such an impact on putting folks in a good mood. goofiness apparently rubs off. it was lovely to be appreciated. i accepted the holiday with open arms...the bosses took me out for lunch...i got lots of goody gifts...life's sweet. i came home and immediately fed oscar some new music. "three versions of my favorite song "wild horses", a root's album i love more than life itself "things fall apart" and some nina simone...music for the soul.

it's also one of those good kinda days where going home and chillin by the computer just won't cut it. i'm about to start getting ready for a date i have with a very special someone. (hee hee)

.i'm going to see some carnival dancing...hopefully i get in some good copeira because it's beautiful and i've never seen it in person. i've got some green on, i've finished some gifts for people at the jobby job, i'm all set.

life's grand...even if i put on my shoes too early and messed up my darn toes. it's just one of those kind of days : )


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