nothing's gonna change my world

well there had to be another blog after that beautiful rant i just went on cuz if i don't talk the ish out my head will spin 360 degrees and good ole roommate will flip out and wanna move away and i'll never find an apartment this frickin wonderful and it just wouldn't be coo....wouldn't gel.

i'm seriously flabbergasted how someone can get under my skin so you know the people in my life have been given nicknames (lol...some subtle, some not so much) to protect their 'innocence' such person has been named voldemort because he's pure evil and we must never mention his name (smiles) and then there's his fat accomplice in the movie and in real life (lay off the beer) who poses as ronald's rat....wormtail...thus a new nickname (which was used in the previous email) was born. ironically i've heard he has a wormtail...hee hee...k i'm done being ugly i PROMISE!

do any of you laugh at me when i'm pollyanna trippin? i mean my highs are great and dandy but are you secretly waiting for me to flip my script? lol...i've calmed down. i've spoken to two of my homegirls who have made me laugh and put things back in perspective but man...a picture's worth a thousand words.

it's not about validation...i know who i am. it's not about revenge, it's not about wanting him's something i have no words for. something that i don't feel was finished...seen...heard...perceived...received...acknowledged correctly maybe? i don't know....but dang the beatles sound beautiful right now

japanese beer and sushi don't mix for me tonight.


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