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greetings mortals

do you ever just have uber goofy days where you can't help but skip, not walk, laugh not talk? i love myself when i am laughing (zora neale hurston)

there are a couple of things that can just put a sister in the best of moods...

1. d'angelo's "spanish joint"

2. waking up to the oh-so-sweet sounds of my boy neighbor belting out celine dion tunes

3. talking to my main man mateo about old school fav' b. sure i love you!

4. my pink girlie skirt which i wore today. i twirled twice.

5. my little cute friend from belize in my office. she said there are over 40 kinds of mangos in belize and so to be a cutie she placed one kind i've never even seen before on my desk. i'm going to eat it for breakfast tomorrow.

6. "the incredibles" string cheese. there's just something uncanny about cheese you can pull off in pieces and the incredibles jokes are a knee slapper i say!

7. 2pac lyrics....and texting those wonderful thangs to my best friend as she sits at her fiance's father's political election results party." is you sick from the..."

8. out of town guests. i get to clean clean clean and plan plan plan. we're gonna go to the arc, dinner with friends, burbank, pasadena, eagle rock, santa monica's gonna ROCK. april 12th couldn't get here any sooner!

9. my cleaning lady who seriously cleans better than i do...amazing.

10. new books!!! i finished _meridian_ and now i'm working on a book my jen gave me called _what comes after crazy_. i also found this really great book about relationships at barnes. dude i'm usually not into these types of books but it's great writing from what i've gathered so i believe books and knowledge have a way of finding the person...i needed the info like i don't even know what...and there it twas. :)

so yeah. it was a cool day...i just woke up knowing i need to enjoy life and what's in front of me. i can't obsess over the things that didn't go my way or what not. focusing on the positive is oh so much better.

can you believe it's almost wednesday already...time flies when you're lovin' life!

today my friend got me to write the phrase "lovin' latisha loves life" talk about some great alliteration! on a roll!


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