just a little scared

i'm scared. i think i've found out that boys and girls really are different and they're kinda mean and i'm scared of them now. all of them. i hope it's not permanent.

i just looked up the definition of 'man' on dictionary.com lol...so many positive defintions linked to the gender. hmph.

i'm really trying to keep this blog from being one of my over dramatic rants and i'm failing miserably. short, sweet, simple...i'm just scared. i don't know if it's a good idea to make a boy happy that's made other girls cry. i don't know if it's a good idea to ever stick your neck out there. i don't know if i should communicate with 'em at all cuz even some of my guy friends have shocked me lately with their antics...heartless mindless. ugh. it's so weird that i can be so happy and cool with life and then have this dark little emotion in the corner of my brain. it's producing some GREAT poetry let me tell you....i haven't written in years...probably since college but my pen is forever moving as of recent.


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