i love your details

i love the little details....

i love seeing the little things in a person's car or home that tell a story about the type of person they are. at one point we were all little runts whose momma's took care of us and then we developed a sense of self and started gathering things in our lives to help us live the good life.

you can call me weird but i love looking for such things. there's something endearing about seeing my buddy boy's retainer in his bathroom and he's a grown A man, seeing my best friend's choice of art work, the fact that she always has the best smelling face soap and shampoo in the world...clean cars vs. the cool ones that have been lived in (i am anal and keep nothing in mine--i'm borring that way)

i like being in people's elements. i think that's what attracts me to people more than anything. my boy told me last night i really have no sense of taste when picking mates based on their looks and i think he's right in a sense. lol personally the men i like I think are hotty patotties but that's nothing for me unless i connect to one of their little details...it's like little crystal balls that show you what type of person you're dealing with.

yesterday was a fun night. i went and watched a good flick with my buddy at the grove and we got pinkberry which i must say is way better in the land of plenty (i.e. the posh hollywood district) creamy sweet goodness mixed with scrumptious yummy fruit. mmmm. the boy knows the way to my happy place that's for dang skippy.we saw "fracture". it was good as the reviews say. i definitely recommend it to the movie buffs out there that love a good mental brain teaser.

one thing though..the movie started at 11:05...which means i wasn't in bed until oh so late. hmph. i woke up at 9:30 this morning craving tv and applejacks so i got up but now it's naptime. : ) i heart saturday mornings!


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