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a dear friend sent me a message yesterday that i have to share: (i have given my girl the heads up in case you were wondering...eye brow raisers..i tell you what)


Girl so I just got back from South Africa and I have a story to tell you.

So this trip was amazing! We went down (Ephrat and I) to Cape Town, South Africa for our first Dance for PEace festival.

We were down there teaching hiphop classes. We taught over 1500 kids in total. WE were able to connect with an amazing group of kids from Sea Point High school. They were a bunch of kids from various townships. They had so much energy!!!! They just loved us and pushed us that much harder!!

Some of the kids had parents who had passed from AIDS and some of them were inflicted themselves!!! But that didn't stop them and you couldn't tell who was who.

We taught in so many different schools and dance groups and so on....but one thing remanded the same. Every place we went to....each group was composed of one race. White, Black or Colored! That was it. One thing we learned (Ephrat and I) was that Aparthied had ended but it was still prevailant in everyday life!

We went to the Slave Lodge. Which is a museum but, back in the day it was a slave wharehouse for the Dutch trading.

But slaves in SA were not the indigenous Zulu, Xhosa, Sutu or Inxhosi! The slaves were imported from India, Indonesia, MIcronesia, The Philipines and East Africa!

So the colored race present today in SA are descendants from the slaves mixing from the slave trade! Crazy anyway back to my story.

There was an American Segregation exhibit in one wing of the slave lodge. SO Ephrat and I ewnt for a gander! Girl!! Tell me why I learned more from that exhibit than any history course when I was in school!!!!!!!!!!!!

I saw more pictures, faces, stories, personal accounts....than I had ever seen! Not just black stories but MExican and Native stories as well. LA has a big civil rights history too chica!!

Girl I was crying walking through. They tired segregation into Aparthied for all the South Africans who strolled through. It was the most amazing composition of information from the Civil Rights era that I had ever experienced! The whole thing culminating with MLK's I have a Dream speech being lopped on the tv at the end of the exhibit!!!!

Ephrat and i were both a mess! Huge Tears! But it was so good to see over and over and over! It just put humanity back into perspective! Race relations, color complexes, hatred, freedom, celebration, reconciliation, forgiveness!

Girl I thought you, my revolutionary petunia, would appreciate this experience! You of all my friends would get a lot out of a visit to South Africa!!!

Every one of my friends and their families had something to do with the Aparthied movement. My home girl Tracy (she is on my top friends) marched with the ANC and NElson MAndela when she was 10! She was almost put in prison at 10!!!!! Yo you would love her!! She is a spit fire! She defends her beliefs of freedom and South Africa!!!! You should hit her up!

So our trip was amazing! There were so many things that have yet again changed my life but that is just one i wanted to share with you!

Dance for PEace....just the name alone serves a purpose!!! WE brought peace with our dancing. And we learned what we can do for the next festival to bring even more peace and unity amongst the youth of SA!

I hope you dig this letter chica! You taught me a lot in the short two days I was with you two years ago! My journey of self love as a mixed child since then has been amazing. But you were definitely the main motivator of that portion of self discovery! I just wrote it off the top of my head. Haven't proof read it! But you can get what was said.

Love you and miss you


there's a moment where the teacher becomes the student and that's all fine and dandy. i get and respect it, but i feel like ever since i've moved out to los angeles i've been a perpetual ability to share and teach has kinda dwindled. i don't know if it's the culture shock, silly boy problems, me....i don't know but i feel as though i'm losing some serious brain cells in relation to my ability to think, process and retain. i was attempting to read today and failing miserably. i haven't even really advised friends like i used to. have i lost my edge?, which at one point served as a good source of entertainment, has become kinda boring...what's happening to me?! i don't read the news, i hardly read period...i can't even hardly blog anymore....luckily this beautiful friend of mine sent me something that stirred the brain juices a little. what causes mental laziness and does anyone know how much it truly sucks? ignorance is not bliss. i need to go back to school!

until that time i think i'm gonna pay attention to my brilliant and worldly friends....(and yes, i hit up her friend)

the notion of socratic ignorance states that a wise person will admit they don't really know ish about anything...i need some schools of thought to permeate my brain so i can shake this mess. don't get it twisted. i still find relationship drama and so forth stimulating (hee hee)...i just can't let it overshadow everything else in my crazy lil life.

the grasshopper needs to grow up!


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