easter sunday

oh how i loved today!

i just spent the day with my buddy e and her family who crazy enough, are very VERY similar to my own family. being out here in los angeles away from my peoples can get hard from time to time...holidays are the worst so it was great to sit at a dinner table with folks that feel like home.

ham, beans, potato salad....tishy was a grubbin' foo! afterwards e and i took our bloated bellies to a room and vegged out while watching tv. that's my kinda easter sunday...napping with the sounds of sports coming from the other rooms. life doesn't get any better. e, my beautiful sista, thanks for inviting me to spend the day with your fam. if you allowed hugs i'd totally clobber you!

even before din din this was a good sunday. for some reason i've been sleeping really crappy like (billie madison voice) so this morning i just layed there for an hour after i woke up and chilled in bed. then i had some of my sugary goodness cereal and watched cartoons...then i did some laundry...my kinda morning.

days like today remind me how important the little things are. how important family is and how important calling walgreens the day before is...i'll be staying up late waiting for a prescription to be ready....it's aight though cuz i have a lot of good stuff to reflect on.


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