the baby gene

a lot of my buds now have children and so the baby question comes up quite often..."when are you gonna have kids tish" but i really don't know if i have the baby gene...maybe the "auntie gene"..."honorary big sis gene"...definitely have the cursing gene which makes me think maybe not so much the baby gene. hee hee...i do enjoy spending time with the little mini squirts that belong to my loved ones.

i just spent the day with one of the most interesting kids i've ever met in my life....b's three year prodigy child. this is seriously the only person that is allowed to touch me with his tiny little pinching toes. he's adorable as all get out and gives me a run for my money in the entertaining folks category. today i was laying on the bed with him and he was being all sweet and cute as his mom showered...playing with my hair and trying to get me to wake up from my fake sleep...all of a sudden his mom comes out--he acts like he's gotta be hard--stands up, puts his back to me, turns his head towards me, looks at me-serious as a heart attack and poots in my face. lol!!!!!!!! yes...i've had the best chill saturday. lol...filled with little pooter stories. we watched "how to eat fried worms" which is a really good movie i must say. b and i took him to starbucks and we sipped our drinks as mr. big mouth screamed his little head off, scaring the cute little old men sitting beside us and did our thang. imagine cuba gooding jr's son in "jerry mcguire" and you've gotten a small taste of my little homie.

it was inevitable that a blog would be dedicated to his little behind. surprised it took this long. a day is never wasted in his presence. i heart the little spiderman loving, pootin' head, genius, momma's boy. (still don't have the baby gene though!)


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