ain't it funny

i was on my sunday morning hike with my gal pal e and i came across the funniest thing...a wine bottle, a red cup and a pack of mike's hard lemonade empty...e giggled and said classy. i couldn't help but think about whoever's crazy night out in a valley neighborhood.

it was a good weekend for good times. i bowled and danced my little tail off and had a blast friday night...then saturday rolled around and it was the same all over again. i went and saw "i think i love my wife". a friend told me it was good and definitely was a man's perspective on the big screen. i saw borat last night too. e and i had a good conversation about shock films such as borat this morning. there's a fine line between entertainment and something that simple shocks and offends. i was told borat would piss me off and that i'd walk out but i was able to see who the actor was really making fun of... i laughed my butt off.

that's not saying there aren't dingle dorks out there that laugh at the wrong ish. a professor friend of mine once said he hated showing certain black films in class...he didn't know if non black students were laughing at us or with's definitely something to ponder but not today on my funny day. : )

i'm watching my acting coach in the movie "the bodyguard" currently makes me giddy watching her do her thing.

ok i stink. time to get up and enjoy sunday. last night i was down in santa monica watching the game...sorry ucla...hee hee


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