warty jenkins

wow sometimes i forget that anyone can read my blogs lol...

mr. soulmate, who now has the new nickname mr. texas because it's catchy and cute read my stuff today and sent me a couple of texts...i was frantically thinking back in my mind if i wrote anything that would embarrass the crap out of me, but i'm all good...for that split moment though...lol...sweating folks...i was sweating. the funny thing is i love blogging...dishing on my dirt... doesn't bother me in the least. it should maybe but na, not so much : ) as long as there's a happy filter that is...hee hee

so today i seriously kicked out the bad news bear mentality i was carrying around...i'm going to this concert tonight with my oh so hot chica, b and life should be fun and carefree.

something gross to share? i'm getting a wart removed from my darn foot tomorrow and that ish scares me. would if i can't drive? what if the pain is unbearable? who in the heck gets warts on their feet?! better be ok for the prom this weekend that's all i've got to say...

there's someone out there that thought i was really cool and crushworthy that just now threw up in their mouth a little bit : ) hee hee...i'm lovin' it!


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