sunday mornings

my sunday mornings are about to change. for the better i think. i just finished hiking up this amazing canyon path with my good friend e. i say good friend because the heifa put up with me huffing and puffing (literally) the whole time and complaining like an out of shape debbie downer i thought i was gonna die and this chick was swinging her to have normal conversations and was actually smiling...smiling i say. lol...i was jogging on the way down so i guess i wasn't really gonna die but she bamboozled me like no other...had me thinking we'd take a casual walk in the morning hours, enjoying nature and stuff...hmph.

that hike totally was my wake up call though. i used to be the girl that would run 3 miles a healthy and live life like it was my own personal race track. my inability to breath after 5 minutes of that walk has inspired me to get my butt in gear. my how proud my best friend will be. lol...alright jen. i hear ya. every sunday i will be hiking with my girl...getting coffee afterwards...catch up on some of my lovely reading. i like it : ) i'm gonna look like a rockstar for jen's wedding...a rockstar i say! : )

after our hike we went to farmer's market too...i saw baby goats...what would those be? billies? we saw little wee billies and bunnies and baby piglets...there's nothing better...not to mention yummy huge volumptious fruit (i didn't bring my wallet yo) and other goodies...i'll be a farmer's market junkie too i predict.

miles is playing in the background.i'm about to hit the shower, do some laundry and play some scrabble with my bud, k. nice sunday morning wouldn't you say?


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