san francisco bound

i love traveling...i love road trips and i LOVE my friends for coming up with the brilliant idea to celebrate my birfday in frisco. how absolutely positively divine is that?! i can't wait to see the architecture, history, trend, beauty....ugh. it's going to be disgustingly good fun.

b and i are waking up at the butt crack of dawn and heading out. i've prepared the ipod...we'll be rockin out hardcore.

i heard the best quote in a movie the other day...basically the guy said life doesn't wait for you to decide you're ready...whether you've got the guy, the great job, the life you dreamed of having is irrevelant to Ms. Life...she keeps moving and you just have to open your eyes and accept it...damn it, enjoy it! i have my "i'm single and this is borring as heck" moments but for the most part i couldn't be happier.

my girl b was born and raised in LA and has never ventured into northern cali...i can't wait to show her how beautiful it is. chele has all kinds of goodies planned too...a fashion show featuring a bud of ours that chele was kind enough to introduce me to (the 'nation' has an excellent network..that ish is better than verizon!), drinks at her abode (my girl is probably THE best bartender i've ever encountered...can a sister get another gummy bear?!) standford early saturday morning and then....frisco. i have to keep calling it frisco because it totally fits the mood and energy i assume the city has...laid back artistically perfect splendor--a place so dope a beautiful man left his heart there...high expectations? it happens! we're going to get on a ferry and tour alcatraz...we're doing it all folks! man i'm about to nerd it up and journal the mess out of this stuff!!!

i'm the luckiest girl ever...why? because i find joy in the good stuff...(warning: flashback is about to commence)

when i and my ex took j to san diego for her birthday he couldn't understand why we were so happy and excited by the things he had probably seen a thousand times...i didn't see the flashing red lights on that one but my best bud sure did pick up on it...after we broke up she hipped me to the fact that he couldn't appreciate the little things and that said a lot about his i frickin pay attention to can tell a lot about a person based on their ability to love the little things...remember that!

alright. it's late. time to hit the sack....did you pack underwear? yes. a toothbrush?


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