rock chalk jayhawk go ku!

ku just won against southern illinois : ) today my friends is a very good day : )

it's crazy that the boys were playing here in california. a little bit of home...sigh

i'm gearing up for this weekend. tomorrow should be a good day...i'm saying goodbye to a friend at the jobby job after work followed by a date night with my gal pal b. i think she's gonna make me see 300 again which i don't mind at all : )

saturday is my prom. my mom wrote me to say she shipped off my prom dress. so now i may be totally prommed out (new word i just made up?) i should start starving myself now cuz i was a size 0 in high school lol...basically!

ucla bruins are playing currently but the game's about to get cut for ugly betty...i saw my team play...the rest is just bonus : )


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