prom 2007

ahh how i heart prom wake up and start the beautification process...make up, hair...all that girlie stuff that i'm usually not the least bit interested in is suddenly fun and oh so necessary.

blogs will be short for a while though cuz there's a domestic thing i apparently can't get down with...sewing. i totally took a chunk out of my finger trying to get damn thread out of a spool...that crap was bleeding so profusely that i had to lie down lol...had me a little loopy i must say.

my girlie c's birthday prom was a beautiful thing...

we danced and danced...and had a blast. my girls seriously make the world a better place. i laugh my hardest when i'm with them. so yeah...prom was fingers gonna make it i think and i'm about to go on a monster nasty hike again tomorrow morning so i'm hitting the sack...right now!

oh! my date was a hoot too. i've never known a dude that gets faded quite like he does lol...chris you the man son! have another hennesy on tiff...ha!

i think i've officially erased my bad prom '99. mission accomplished.


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