peace from stupidity

so apparently bad stuff comes in two's...

i had two little wart friends...and now i have two little zit twins that have formed small planets on my face...perfectly symmetrically apart on my laugh lines. on the brighter side of things when i smile you can't see the little rascals so i smile quite often lately.

my lips are pretty lethal lately. (oh alliteration!)...i've just been the uber grouch and i can't figure out what the heck has happened...well yes i do. a bunch of little things are knawing at me and i think i've just snapped.

how do i stop this? ...i'm expecting birthday mail i still haven't received that's driving me crazy, i have a gift i'm working on that i can't seem to finish...funds are getting low...i've got bad stuff happenin' with mr. texas...he probably won't be coming now. i'm restless....i need to get it out somehow but i can' just fall into place!...just fall into place please.

aight. i'm going to clean my room...maybe that will help cleanse my soul...i swear that ish helps every kind of ailment! i just need to have a moment of pure laughing hysteria...or better....a large dose of cinnamon and some peace from stupidity. who's with me?!!!


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