my white boy shuffle

so i have a favorite book called _white boy shuffle_.

i relate to the main character...this little black boy who grows up in a culture not his own which scares the pee out of his momma, forcing her to move him to the hood so that he'll 'become his peoples' in a sense.

...i felt the white boy shuffle moment tonight when i was chillin at the roxy watching james morrison perform, but it wasn't askward or weird. it felt so good to be around a gang of different peoples and just chill. i had a surreal moment where i stepped outside of myself and observed everything including me and it was just mad beautiful. of course that means the concert was AMAZING. john mayer and jessica simpson were there to watch this cat...not that he nor jessica simpson validates coolness but feel me?

this cute little brit was SANGING his cute little brittish heart out and it was dope to witness. perfect night...chillin on sunset with b listening to kick arse good music.

p.s. i've named my warts...laverne and shirley they are. they'll be gone tomorrow...hopefully they won't return in syndication but yes, i've named them.

alright...time for bed my luvs...listen to the brit! it's homework!


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