my birthday day is as great as i wanted it to be

you know the cartoons where the down and out guy is walking with his head down and a sad grey cloud is following him whereever he goes?

my day was the antithesis of that. : )

i woke up this morning, got ready for work...put on my new favorite green shirt and flipped on the radio to catch the traffic report...of course there was a nasty accident the exit right before the entrance i take to get on the freeway so i set out, preparing myself for the worst. the crazy thing is as soon as i got on the frickin freeway it was empty because of that lovely truck spill so i zipped to work...cruising along to my favorite song of the day "clumsy" by fergie...if you haven't heard it, check it seriously can't have a bad day when it's on. it makes you want to shout and sing at the top of your lungs.

so yeah i get to work and people from my department spoiled me rotten with flowers, candy, gifts, cards FOOD...sigh...emails from my favorite was just a great day. a GREAT day...i love my how i love it. my mom even sent me a cute email talking about how when i was a toddler i would stand by our window and watch the big kids get home from school..she said i always wanted to be bigger and she just wishes she could turn back time and make me that small again...had me crying up in my place of employment ya'll! gotta love that...

and here's a stinker that my best friend will probably shake me for...i've been thinking a LOT about my ex-fiance...the last couple of months and then hot and heavy for the last three weeks...i've been trying to locate him but i'm stubborn...when i'm hurt by someone i erase their numbers, email addresses and any other form of contact that i could use in a weakened state. i gave up and just thought it was for the best...then today i'm sitting at work wondering why some of my other ex's hadn't written...i mean i know that could be weird but i'm actually friends with some of them...and for some reason i needed the validation this year that i'm actually cool post break up : ) i gots a whole lotta NOTHING from those dudes...then i come home (sigh big smiles) and i get into my hotmail account because my best friend told me to check for an e card and there waiting for my reply was a sweet email from him...the ex fiance wishing me a happy birthday (REMEMBERED!) and some sweet well wishes.

explain that to me! explain it good! :)

i'm now about to go out to a surprise din din with my girlies ( i told them all to wear they don't know how fanatical i am about the dang color so i doubt they take me seriously) i'm about to get some sangria (they assure me it will be there) and enjoy this wonderful life of mine.

ain't life swell? this WHOLE month is about to be on point. oh...and if anyone wants to get me a great gift...i need help with my bracket this year...i haven't been paying attention enough : ) hee hee...hook a sister up with some stats.




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