music was the key

tonight was my creative night...i had some 'projects' i'm working on for my best friend and so i decided to combine them with some cd burning time for my buddy e. i don't know what happened but when tha lady gave me full go to put whatever i wanted on a disc something clicked.

music is so can say so much about a gal. as i sifted thru tunes memories started floating in...i'd listen to one song and remember a high school love, my mom singing to me as a kid...then the next minute i'd remember a college term paper that wouldn't have been created without the inspiration of so and so's album...

if a stranger were to pick up the cd i'd like to know what they would assume about me...there's an eclectic mix of stuff that makes me happy, leaves me in a meloncholy state of mind, makes me think...inspires....

i swear it's moments like this...sitting down in my pile of creative mess, listening to the cd, eating a snack pack and drinking sangria that i'm most happy with myself. i'm comfortable in my own skin. that's one of the best feelings...i've come a long way and been thru some interesting obstacles, but i've maintained some perspective and a dang good sense of humor so i approve.

i found old photos and emails from my ex fiance (aka first love) tonight too and i'm seriously twitterpatted with that period in my life. the ex and i were pretty much the cutest stuff life could conjure up...young love lol...put me in a tootin good mood. but now, alas, the sangria has kicked in so i must bid you farewell. grammama can not stay up past 10!

my advice: if you're feeling down make a cd for someone else...for some reason that ish works!!!


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