"just saying to myself"

today has been a cool day...

had yummy coffee at this hidden treasure spot with bree, saw 300 with a new bud and seriously came out of the theater wanting to be a spartan lol...the boys are quite nice to gaze upon ladies...be prepared....great flick though...history mangled with fun dialogue (hot dudes) and awesome cinematography...two thumbs up most definitely.

had some pinkberry....had some good conversation with my new bud and then came home and chilled. i'm downloading tunes onto oscar and reading some interesting articles about race and going after one's dreams...two separate articles. it's good stuff.

tonight's one of those saturday nights where i dig being home...even alone it's cool. i would be lying if i didn't say the thought of a relationship hasn't popped up in my head though... i wonder if this time around with the soul mate will be the time. i have an interesting perspective i've picked up thru the years...some maturity mixed with bitterness, pain, self-discovery and self-love...another crazy factor: the last time i told this man i loved him i was 18...i wonder if we can do this. start as friends and see if love and friendship are two completely different things. (we had the love at one point but i don't know if we're two totally different people incapable of being best friends)

so i'm being smart. we're not 'dating' or whatever...just talking and catching up. that's going thru my brain, that and acting...this could very well be my month...my month to finally be on set and show this world what i gots to offer :) is the world ready for a mixed chick show? according to the article i just read i believe so...

my green shamrock socks are making me quite happy at the moment. think i'll pop in prime and call it a night. go see 300. you'll have yummy dreams that's for sure! i know critics are comparing it to sin city a lot but i didn't like sin city and i loved this so just go see it.


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