if loving my birthday is wrong i don't wanna be right!

did i ever mention that i frickin' love my birthday?! tomorrow i turn the big 26. i'm officially over the hump lol...

i'm hoping i have a lovely stress free day filled with lots of love..those always make for the best days ya know. last years birthday was really hard on me...divorce/family issues kind of clouded the good kiwi vibes but this year is my year and everything points to the day being swell. there's a tiny part of me that feels hurt the ex won't be a part of this years celebration...the single factor is starting to grow on me but holidays still give me tiny little kicks...i mean tiny ya'll!

i plan to go out to dinner with some of my girlie twirlies and it should be a sangria-rific good time : ) you know i have to have it! my room smells of sangria right now...candles rock.

as for writing in the journal...reflecting on the last 25 years of my life... i don't know how much reflection i'll actually do...i'm seriously just looking ahead at what life will bring me as a 26 year young woman.

isn't life grand? my fatima is coming to visit hopefully next week. i need some wonderful guy reflection cuz the dudes out here do NOT make for very good conversationalists lol...sheesh.

alright...my birthday eve has been busy but relatively swell...bring on the day of birth celebration!!! i'm ready!


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