i saw love

man i saw love today and it turned everything around....everything.

i was hanging with my boy, d. we went and got some thai food that was mad yummy and then we caught this flick i've been wanting to see for months called 'the namesake' (more on that later). after it was over we were walking back to the car...mind you the sherman oaks galleria mall is an outside mall...really weird structure but cool...so we're walking thru the wind tunnel from hell when all of a sudden we see this cute little old couple...probably in their early to mid 70's huddled together dancing...no music...just swaying in the middle of the tunnel, giggling their heads off. it was the most beautiful thing. i had to be hard and cool in front of my new bud but if i could have i would have sat down on a bench and just watched them...possibly would have cried. who knows with my emotional behind.

i don't know how to make it work for me, but i swear i keep seeing the most wonderful acts of love produced by couples...the girl who did my make up the other day, a couple in the movie i just saw...my cute little dancing lovebirds. sigh...man if it wasn't so biting butt cold out i'd think spring was pumpin in a love breeze. who knows...

so back to the namesake. it was a really good movie. it's only playing in limited areas, but i wish it wasn't. it's one of those garden state classics. i can say this even though i didn't agree with the ending...and that is a classic drop jaw moment if you know me...i HAVE to love the ending in order to recommend such a thing. by the way it had a fabulous soundtrack! there are so many deep full characters. i'd be interested in taking a group of friends to see it and listen to what each one would pull from it. there's no one lesson, no one story or voice...it was beautiful...there were definitely parts where i could see a critic saying they were trying to do too much in a short amount of time but it was beautifully chaotic...

on the love front. i think i'm seriously loosing my marbles. to love someone and hate them? to love them and not know them? to love them and never want to see them again? is this normal behavior? i think not. then there's more! i'm trying to hang on to a younger version of me, followed by the now me...the me i want to be and the me i should be...i'm trying to put all of these women into sentences that i send to mr. texas and see if he can hang lol...i laugh but honestly it's quite sad. i have no freaking clue as to when i'll get my heart and head together. i may never. i think maybe i should keep my mouth shut and not speak until i figure things out cuz i just keep meddling.

today my body is sore from my beautiful hike. i'm tired because i've ate too much. i'm dizzy from the dancers and i'm happy to have the friends i do..i like talking about 'em. can you tell? today d took me thru this neighborhood with all of these beautiful big homes and i sat there like a little kid going "whoa!..." the whole time...then i wondered if people with big houses already ever do the same or if their ability to appreciate something goes away once they have it or something similar. do you always have to lack something in order to appreciate it? i get scared i'll be that person someday...i hope not. therefore i appreciate my friends and get giddy when i think of them.

el fin


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