i heart wicked

i'm exhausted but blog i must.

i just got back from seeing wicked. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! if you only knew the day i had...how about we didn't have the tickets in our hands until 7:00 p.m....the show started at 8. it was a stressful nail biting experience, but b, my ex and i all sat in a little tiny quiet fed ex building together and waited for them to call his name...such hysterics but it was all worth it.

i want to thank my two best friends in the world for loving me enough to know that i wanted to experience this show....i don't think i've ever been as passionate about seeing something before...especially a frickin broadway musical. (not usually my thing). as soon as those tickets were in my hands though...i took off running outside and screamed "yes!"

it was everything i thought it would be too.we got down there in record timing considering los angeles traffic on a friday evening and got inside in time to go tinkle and look at the building's decor...lots of intricate greek statues and such. it was aesthetically pleasing i must say.

we sat down in our AMAZING seats...we were basically center center and i was captivated after first glance...everthing was green and glowing...lol....GREEN GREEN everywhere. i was like a kid in a candy store...i couldn't take my eyes off the stage. we saw one of the cast members from the movie dream girls there and not even stars like that could take my eyes away.

i already fell in love with the story before but seeing it come to life...sigh

they switched it around in ways i approved of (like i matter)...great story of friendship, love...politics, perspectives....ugh...it was SO clever and witty and intelligent...i loved every minute of it. j you have to see it! i cried...i laughed...i loved it...i loved it so much. i'm about to cry actually. there aren't that many things in life i get this uber excited for...wow. i can't believe i went...i'm still absorbing how powerful it was and the singing...ugh...man. ya'll don't even know but if you can see it...if you can. do so.

afterwards b and i went to mel's diner to grub and hash it out and we both agreed it was the best experience for friends to share. that was just the best ending to a good day i could ever imagine.

on my way to my audition today nina simone's " feelin good" came on and i swear that was the theme song from then on..."it's a new dawn, it's a new day....and i'm feeling good"

march is starting out pretty dang good. and i'm not just saying that because i've seen green for the past couple of hours. a guy i'm kinda seeing...i don't know what to call it just yet... asked if i wanted him to bring me back something from a business trip..i. said something green and he assumed money lol...boy does he have a lot to learn about me and the green-eyed monster i've become over the years. green does make me pretty darn happy though

i have the songs from the show in my head...vikkie was right...it does make you want to go out and buy the dang cd...hmmm

so yeah...i'd probably have more details if i wasn't so tired but maybe that's a good thing...wouldn't want to spoil the show for ya'll.

as for my fear of being somebody's nobody...i'm working on it. i think those feelings just come with this new territory i'm in and they'll pass just like they do for everyone else. i'll continue to blab about it in blog though...oh joy for you!

i've got some amazing dreams coming my way tonight...man was that a great show...one of the best performances i've ever seen.



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