i bleed green

is it the chicken or the egg? or neither for that matter...

so do i possess pisces qualities because someone told me i'm hella pisces on one of those chart things or was i just innately doing thangs and it happened to match up...self fulfilling prophecy or natural flow?

do i love all things green cuz i'm irish like a mug (remember there's a whole momma side of folks in my blood) or do i just LOVE the color green? i do have an answer for ya on that one....ah finally a question tishy actually knows...

i do not leave(that was a typo/freudian slip that i found amusing so i'm gonna leave it but i meant love) green because i'm irish...i love it due to an evolved love affair...it started out all things kiwi but then just to make myself even more happy i began to call even more shades of green kiwi cuz then i could squeal like a little girl whenever i wanted...and there you go...st. patty's day has always been a special day cuz it's my gram's birthday but i never went psycho like i do every year for lets say my own birfday : ) hee hee...purple was my favorite color growing up and i still have a special place for the color prince and alice walker admired but green's the new love of my life.

today is a magical day where you know your life could have gone in two very different directions so you are astutely cognizant of everything you do. i'm supposed to be in indiana today watching mr. baketball play but instead i woke up this morning in my own lovely room. it felt so good to sleep in (mind you that was 7:30 a.m.). i could hear the birds chirping...i had left my window open and there was a chilling breeze slithering in that had me smiling like no other morning i've had this week. i love saturdays!

i'm about to shower, put some GREEN on and go get my lovely eyebrows waxed...then i think i'll go have coffee with my girl bree. call my gram and wish her a happy birthday...it's sad but i have not a clue how old she is. i'll find out today. she'll tell me, right? : ) women that don't like to tell their age are weird to me so hopefully the woman i have loved since birth won't change on a sister and refuse to give the info.


i love to play this game i made up with oscar...i figure since he's a boy, but able to be impregnated on a day to day basis he's eccentric enough to read me my future. i ask my little guy what my day will be like and he gives me the 411...i just did it. "rivers edge" from the pocahontas soundtrack came up lol....i can't find my ear buds so it will be a moment before i can let you know what the heck kinda mood that is : ) i'm thinking it's lovely and enchanting...that's what i'm feeling right now.

everything that happens today is supposed to happen...there's something very beautiful about that...definitely takes the pressure off : )

happy st patrick's day


green lover extraordinaire


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