i just had the most amazing experience at this brand new restaurant that opened up on sunset called hadaka sushi...i don't know where to begin.

i'll start with the company i kept for the evening...have you ever had a moment where you're kicking back with your peoples and you just have this aha moment where you realize just how all-around dope the conversations you're having with someone are? there's this woman that i'm friends with and i swear everytime i see her she gives me this amazing knowledge that helps me with current and sometimes not even public mental battles...just there at the right time to say the right thing...she gave me what i needed to hear to turn my day completely around. (earlier i had been text sparring with someone over something that was consuming us both in bad energy) i forgot all about the stress and just focused on what she was talking about.

then the girls for our dinner party show up and we're seated. ok now i know a lot of the ladies out there who read this blog have seen sex and the city before...each week we witnessed the ladies going to different cool and trendy spots...we all wanted to go to those places...the hot newness.

i did that tonight! we were those ladies and i was totally LOVIN' the concept...total naughty kinkiness at its best. you walk into dark red walls, elaborate rich chandeliers, asian landscape architecture and great naughty music...they were playing all the goodies...the best was when they played ingenue...a song from the great expectations soundtrack that i've loved for years...there was just this sexy vibe that had me blushing in a good way.

so then you sit down and your cute little decked out waitress (they wear these lingerie-type thingies that are totally adorable) asks you if you want a 'naughty' menu or a 'nice' menu lol...i of course chose the naughty along with two of my girls--one woman chose the nice which we of course teased her for...who would have thunk menu selection would be so fun?! so...the best part...you read the naughy menu and immediately start busting out laughing..they have sushi rolls called "deep throat", "afterglow", edame's called "sex beads"...we had cheese puffs called "fried balls" lol...you don't even know...i had a mango lolita to drink that was THE best mojito i've ever sipped AND they have a soft liquor license which means nothing's overpowering or strong...not a hint of alcohol taste...just how i like it. the drink had fresh mango sorbet in it with this asian liquor similar to vodka....mmm it was yummy.

i forgot to mention that my home girl's brother is the main chef there so of course we were spoiled rotten...he along with another chef he worked with kept bringing us all of these goodies to try and give suggestions and feedback on (it was their opening night) i had the most beautiful sushi...i had this halibut on rice that he had put this light wasabi glaze over...it was the most succulent scrumptious food...i can honestly say it was orgasmic ha!...every roll they brought out was some kinda taste i've never experienced before...when i say i couldn't stop eating...i couldn't stop eating!

i think it would be a hilarious fun place to go to on a first date...i can't imagine a boy's face when his angelic date orders an XXX...yes, that's something on the menu!

there's even a room you pay $1,000 to enter where you have what they call "naked sushi". a naked woman lies on a table and is covered with banana leaves on certain areas of her body...lol. all of the sushi is placed on her and you grub away. nice, eh? we got to visit inside the room...it's got beautiful fur carpets, big plush pillows and low tables....we entered just as madonna's "justify my love" came on...fitting?

all in all it was a GREAT time that i'm so thankful for...spending time with your friends and laughing that hard is what life is for i think. it was the perfect ending to a good ole weekend.

and restaurants like hadaka prove to me that los angeles isn't all that bad after all...you're always entertained.

i love my life


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