finding your rhythm divine

soul searching 101

mr enrique iglesias is gonna help me out with this one..."all we really need to do is find our rhythm divine".

there's this quote about defining someone's character based on the friends they keep. i was jacked up this morning because friend wise i pick some swell folks, but boyfriends and i never seem to mesh too well and unfortunately a sister is judged like whoa based on how she hangs in a relationship (unfortunately). don't believe me? one person: halle berry. "she's fine but she crazy!" how many dudes do you know that say that?

basically i don't know how to do that whole dating thing lately and i surely don't want to be defined by that cuz if i was ya'll would be talkin' about me like i'd been slapped in the ear like a certain someone lol...sigh i just can't believe that's the defining characteristic. is how we love some guber it?! no no no!...

to rebel against this notion i've been taking mental notes and doing things i enjoy instead of staying in my plato cave and accepting others' shadows....thus locating my rhythm never knew enrique was a philospher did ya?

i've been hiking lately, going to small intimate concerts with friends to vibe on new music, watching the cool movie flicks that make ya go hmmm, reading again!!! painting is coming....being out and about is lovely. i'm going bowling this weekend with some gal pals of mine this friday and that should be a riot (they're loca!) coffee and good conversation, movies, painting resting, reading.

on the acting front i wrote angela back. april is approaching like it's on crack. tv time tishy!!! (oh alliteration!)

alright. i must go offer my sweat to the hill gods...find my dang breathing rhythm!



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