the end of vacation is tragic


i HATE coming off of a vacation high. it's the WORST man...i swear i'm trying to come up with every excuse possible for prolonging the vay-kay just a little mo longer

san francisco was beautiful...a beautiful mess though. while the architecture, history and landscapes are breathtaking it was so scary to drive around in...i thank GOD that my girl chele didn't drive a stick because those hills were atrocious. i had my first car panic attack i do believe because of the wreckless crazy mentality san franscisco cats drive with. my poor girl took it like a champ but i felt horrible for putting the girls in that situation...i definitely recommend taxis if you ever go to visit.

we did a lot of fun stuff though. i saw the golden gate bridge of course, we visited the curviest street in the world, saw some really cool buildings that chele referred to as the luke skywalker and darth vader buildings, took a ferry around alcatraz...(sent chills up my spine a couple of times) and watched some sea lions right off the bay. (they were cute but stinky)

ate in downtown (lol....made ourselves sick because we went too long without food) shopped and then left san fran to take a quick tour at chele's alma mater, stanford....that's a great campus to visit and's beautiful and there was some darn flower aroma that was seriously lulling me into la la land...enchanting...and standford itself, surreal.

all in all it was a great weekend...coming home to my stinkin bedroom and chillin on myspace is not what i really felt like doing, but i figure i have to jot it all down before the energy totally leaves my body. (5.5 hours in the car will do that to ya...even if you and your girl are rockin' out to the good stuff on oscar)

pictures will follow soon. i don't need to go back to san fran anytime soon nerves have had enough but i love being around my friends and just actin' a fool. now i have to go back to work tomorrow...(cue depressing sad music with strings) sigh...

oh! b got me the BEST socks for my pair have sushi on them...if you didn't already know i'm obsessed with odd socks...they make me happy to wear so sushi socks that happen to be green sushi socks rocked my world. then ms. chele found me a sangria candle that smells they knew how to charm the panic right off of me yesterday!...and that's crazy that all that happened just one day ago... my how time flies when you're having a blast


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