a charming saturday morning

There's something charming about lazy Saturday mornings. I woke up, checked my email accounts and then went out into my living room to catch the ku game. (They won their 1900th game by the way.) My living room smelled of a lovely cauliflower aroma which had me throwing up in my mouth a little (gotta love roommate cuisine). I took out the trash…in my college sweatshirt, green snowmen pajama bottoms and green fuzzy socks. I peaked around the corner…made sure no one could see me looking like a crackhead…dumped the goods and tippy-toed back to my abode.

Lit some cinnamon candles, made some cinnamon tea…mmm. The game ended and I began to watch "You've Got Mail" on the HBO Spanish channel. Very interesting to hear the part of the movie where she's describing her favorite pride and prejudice words in espanol…hee hee. How do you translate "thither and felicity?" I doubt it was an accurate one.

I liked it so much I had to pull out my copy and start watching it. You can learn so much about life by watching this flick…I know someone who I used to refer to as the "great vascillator" who is smack dab the person Tom Hanks is describing as a Starbucks person…for those that can never make up their mind Starbucks gives them peace in the form of silly choices. Lol…good movie.

I plan to have a day filled with laziness and chill. I need peace cuz I've had a lot of nastiness lately…I'm trying to rid that crap from my heart. It's not good for a sister. I was talking to my boy tnoon this morning and I was telling him about this heinous email I received from a terrible person here in Los Angeles and he said to me, "Welcome to LA, there's lots of folks like that there"…Is that true? Can geography determine your nasty level or is it unique to Los Angeles? Not that any of my direct friends are nasty….they're wonderful. I'm proud of myself for finding their little butts…just askin...

I have two worlds happening here. I have this open and hopeful heart in regards to my acting career and then I have this ex and his friends paining me…only way to describe it…paining.

The acting career: it's about to pop off! I can feel it in my bones!!! How crazy will it be when I'm on tv and all of this happens?!

Tom Hanks looks like my grandpa. Hmm…tax time! I'm using the money to fix my brakes...tired of the EEEEEEEEEEK sound I hear everywhere I go. I think I've now got out every weird thought entering my head. I'm good now. My sister just called so that I would sing the diahrrea song to her and her friends via speaker phone and I can hear Louis Armstrong in the background of my flick. Life is now complete.


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