so i'm sitting here thinking about this audition i have tomorrow for a print ad...i feel like i fit in this weird category of not typical magazine pretty girl and "not fugly" agent keeps sending me on these auditions for 'beautiful black' and i'm scratching my head every time wondering what the heck he's trying to do.

so yes...tomorrow i have an audition for an IBM print ad. i just want to play the normal somewhat quirky girl where beauty isn't the focus. too much pressure there. the ugly betty of the mixed world. : ) sounds good to me.

i'm not comfortable in my skin tonight...i started writing this huge apology letter to someone from my past but i don't know why i need to send it just yet and i don't want to make something permanent until i know, ya know?

angela nissel sent out an email explaining that she's really busy with the final season of scrubs but after this month she'll be good and can focus on the show i want to be more month...i think i can handle it!


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