zombie nation

ugh...my blogs haven't been posting the last couple of times so i've been having to rewrite every dang one of them...not good when you're already feeling like pooh.

so BASICALLY (i'm rolling my eyes) I SAID...

i had two mini panic attacks at work today. that can't be good can it? my boy mateo is right....i need to get the heck out of that place. i have an audition tomorrow morning and i'm thankful Thankful THANKFUL! that i got it for the morning and not the afternoon...by 3:00 i'm a zombie...i'm sorry my friends but i can't chit chat, banter, joke or ever wow those behind the camera quite like the usual goofy tish can after a day at that hell hole. that job sucks every last bit of kiwipower i possess. sad...

brighter note! the audition tomorow is a national commercial for the yellow pages. lol...as always i will let ya'll know how it goes. for now. i'm going to take my tired pathetic little body to bed. i had two uncrustables and chips and salsa for dinner. a sister really needs to learn how to cook. correction--a sister really needs to get the energy to want to learn how to cook. : )

random side note before i go...i keep losing in scrabble...but of course it's always after a long day at work...it's late...just more proof that my job sucks me dry. just thought i'd offer some excuse to why my scrabble skills have gone sour.



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