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ah how i love fortune cookies : ) the subject title of this blog is courtesy of the chinese joint down the street.

chillin at home alone on a friday night was bound to happen right? i seriously wanna read some blogs from folks about the slum part of 'singleness' . real singleness. ok i just saw something flash across the tele about some lonelygirl thing on youtube. now that's what i call service.

i just wanna know if i'm really supposed to get used to this...yeah yeah yeah "you need to learn to be on your own and be comfortable". i'm comfortable damn it but i also didn't grow up as an only child. i've always had folks around so there's only so many "dinner and movie for one please" nights i can take folks.

my strong-willed girlfriends are shaking their heads at me right now probably...don't let people know when you're home alone...i don't care though...why not. i left work early today cuz i'm under the weather, woke up from a long wonderful nap and now i'm scratching my head wondering why i never noticed how sucky friday nights are before.

so...when harry met sally or the labrynth?...any suggestions?


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