ere is a thin line between love and crushed.

so i asked for the wicked tickets. i was told he was going to sell them. i offered to buy them. he said no--just to get my own. then a freaking awesome friend said that he would get them for me...i started crying.

it's crazy that someone who barely knows me can see how much those damn tickets mean to me. i'm still in shock that my ex is being so harsh...i did nothing to this guy. he broke up with me...so why such nastiness? i'm not for sure but it makes things easier. i'm sure some friends were skeptical that i might go back to him again...it will NEVER happen. i gotta have a fatima and a fatima would never keep something like that from me.

if i get these tickets i will seriously be the happiest girl in the world. i'll go and sit on the edge of my seat and weep. there are some things in life that humble us while feeding our soul...this is one such gift.

i'm growing up all over again...i'm relearning love, friendship, everything...get ready for the ride folks!


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