who's keeping score?

i received a call at 4:00 in the morning from a friend telling me she saw my ex out. even in my delirious state i knew this was bad stuff and my heart immediately fell into my stomach (a hard task being that i was laying down) lol...

i'm not keeping score but i am in a fast race to get over that horrible situation as soon as i possibly can. i can't be that woman that that can't see that she deserves better. nope sir reee! i guess all this means i have to have a talk with that friend and tell her she can't keep me updated on him...he's gotta be as out of sight out of mind as humanly possible. "FORGET ABOUT 'EM"

my introduction back into the dating world has been pleasant so yeah...that helps some.

a good friend of mine that i actually 'spoke' to for a short time called yesterday and we caught up. he reminded me of the bigger picture...my older mentality of doing the dang thing and not letting relationships or dating destract from such things...it is hard to focus as i've found out ;) wake up calls are a beautiful thing.

the color purple is on. this movie...mmmm

sunday mornings. gotta love them. reflect and relax.


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