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man this week was hard on the soul. when times get tuff i always revert back to a momma's girl...go crawling back to the woman i call "mo" but this time she was being a crazy lady....

i'm telling my mom i have no idea anymore about dating and even judging who should and shouldn't be a friend in my life and all that bull junk and she's telling me i need to get that figured out cuz she needs grandchildren soon and she wants her first born to give her her pressure...especially since my younger sister is already dating someone that she has for years and happens to live with him and happens to already talk about the whole marriage thing. why did the momma have to go cliche on a sister? not all mom's have to nag about marriage do they? is it a part of the job? i keep hearing the dad from my big fat greek wedding, "but toula you're so old...." i'm about to spray the lady down with windex and tell her to chill out :)

it's saturday morning. i just finished watching the color purple...every time that movie comes of the last scenes where celie and shug are talking about the color purple and then "see daddy, sinners got soul too" i cry like a baby every dang time. that movie is why i wanna be an actress...when strangers ask me i never want to go into the soul renching explanation so maybe i'll just give 'em that: watch the color purple and you'll see why : )

2007's going to be the year.

i saw a new flick the other night that was pretty darn good if anyone needs something's called "little children". it's real and weird but it's good...that's the only way i can explain it. it's the one with kate winslet and my new movie bud freaking rocks for being on top of things. i was highly impressed the dude was listing some good ones. you know i flock to the movie appreciators like nothing. a movie can totally jump start my week...and i needed that after the heinous bull crap that came my way.

a college buddy is staying with me currently. she's from this fabulous group of ladies i refer to as "the sista girls" i forget all the good times i've had with the sistas...we stayed up late, watching aladdin and laughing our little heads off...i forget just how good the good times were. i was a pill that's for sure. i dedicate this valentines day to the sister did we have a great one once.

today i'll be taking her to a tish fav...pinkberry : ) and then i have to hand her off to some of her other friends. last night was great though...

might i recommend if you're ever in the woodland hills area, visit the el torrito's and get a strawberry mango margerita...yum

happy weekend....


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