liven my life like it's golden

today was a great day...that auditon experience was lovely.

it was a beautiful day out. my boss said to take my time going to the audition and not to worry about making anything up (score!) so i left...had the windows down...jammin to good music, got to the audition, sat beside the woman who played will smith's momma on fresh prince (AHHH!) and then i was called in to do my thing. it was a fun audition. i improv'ed being the boss at an architectural firm...i gave some mumbo jumbo lines about keystones, archways and was fun : )

then i left, saw the theater where wicked is playing, winked at it cuz i know i'll be there soon (hopefully!) and then drove my merry little behind back to work. it feels good to get out there on auditions. no matter how nervous i get beforehand...i always leave feeling this new surge of life.

i found out a friend went into labor this morning...she's two weeks early so after work i stopped off to buy the baby a little something which ALWAYS puts ya in a good mood. you can't be around wee things and not coo. there's just something about the idea of 'tiny'....NOT that i want any of the little whipper snappers. i just like to look at them from afar : )

i'm home now...i have a pizza in the oven. miles davis is blowing hard. life was good today.

some things i figured out today:

the love affair i need to start focusing on isn't with a's with los angeles and my acting career : )

slumber parties are the best invention a gal ever came up with and me and my gal pal are about to start 'em up right for 2007

i love scrabble. i hate losing and i'm a really poor sport.

pinkberry makes me matter what.


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