lazy isn't always a bad thing...

i just found a pic of my road trip to los angeles with my best bud...i love cleaning out old emails... sigh

i was so scared out of my mind how fast time flies.

so today i've decided to be a lazy terd. i will do nothing but clean up my abode, read, watch the tele and relax. tomorrow is a different story though.

my best friend wrote me an email the other day which dealt with my current inability to focus on getting my acting career launched. i really had to sit there and think about things. it's not that i dont want to be an actress anymore. it's just that i dont want to start at the bottom. i don't want to deal with the bull crap, the seediness the industry lets creep thru, the ridiculousness...i know what you're thinking, "everyone has to deal with this so suck it up tishy" but i cant. ya'll think i'm sleeping on acting but i'm just waiting patiently for my little hole inside the big door : )

i wrote angela nissel again...i tend to write her emails on a monthly basis just to check in and see how that tv pilot is going. did anyone ever go to her site? check that stuff out...the pilot baby she will create is my most current and yearned for dream.

so yeah tomorrow i'll focus on some more of my homework from my acting coach...i haven't done jack on her assignment...i know...i know. really drives that quote, "the only thing we have to fear is fear itself" home.

happy lazy day.


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