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aight...while i do not especially enjoy what valentines day has come to symbolize (i've never enjoyed that whole pressure to show someone you love them and vice versa) i do have some crazy good times on the day and have thus decided that the day isn't so bad if 'used' correctly.

i don't know what it is BUT every year my friends and family do the cutest things that in no way remind me that the day is commonly referred to as "single awareness day" (S.A.D.)

this guy at my job kept going on and on today about how whenever girls get together on that day all they do is bad mouth men but the last time i went to a girlie v-day bash we had a blast just being us and being goofy...i honestly don't remember any encantations to banish our ex's lol...but i do remember champaigne and strawberries that got us crunk enough to start belting out kanye west's college dropout...and heading to a club where we danced our brains out and met some really cool peeps...and gasp! they were men!

i know that we should never have to be told to tell our special ones we love them cuz a hallmark card told us to (i'm a firm believer in that!) but ya can't knock people for just using the holiday as an excuse to hang with buds and luv 'em up! i have a valentine this year : ) i'm gonna use my wonderful lakers tickets and spoil her rotten, la style : )

it's date night tonight though. this is when the music "back in the saddle again" starts playing and you all cheer that old tishy is back. why was i supposed to be pausing again? there will be no pausing. life isn't tivo-capable. so it's a good week for crushing :) i've got a couple : ) and that's all i can say about that. hee hee

so what do i heart currently?

i heart my friends...my goofiness isn't created from thin air folks! they keep giving me the juice to do the dang thing and allow me to be me

i heart my dad who never forgets to send me cute little cheesy cards and a box of chocolates every year...it's good when you're dad spoils ya and reminds you someone's always got your back

i heart my mom of course. if you ever have the chance to meet ms. k then you are a lucky lucky person. the woman embodies strength to the infinite power

i heart the possibilities 2007 holds. can you feel it in the air?

there's a ton more of course but those are the big ones i have now : ) even if ya can't stand the pressure of v-day you can always use it as an excuse to remember the things ya love.


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