if you want to see a man's character (or a woman's!) look to the friends...

i was always the kid with friends who everyone questioned. They assumed at first glance we were complete opposites , but the older i get i realize it didn't matter that i was a goody goody that could never skip class or talk back to my momma (and they were!)...these people were kind and loving and goofy and whatever else...everything that i try to be.

i'm learning this lesson about friends more and more every day...the way friends conduct themselves is important. i hate to judge but it seriously deters me to even wanting people in my world that have shady matter how much i may have loved them at one point. maybe i just got lucky but i've met some amazing people along the way...i never have had to be the girl that says "yeah my friend is a complete schmuck but they're my bud so i put up with it" what the heck?! that ish basically means you're a schmuck so wake up. my best friends are so amazing...i go to their myspace pages or bloggers (V!) just to be more in their world. i'm proud to call them friends.

i just visited a new friend's page and went thru a gang of pictures he's taken of his family and friends and it warmed me up can tell so much about a person's friends...

whenever i get lost and can't figure out who the heck i really am and what i came out here for i just start flippin thru pictures or reading letters...i realize i am my friends and i find my way back home.


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