friday insights

i'm getting ready (well sort of since i'm blogging) for a slumber party at my girl, e's, house tonight. it should be a barrel of laughs. we've all got our pink ruffle undies and our feather not really but we've got some GREAT chick flicks and we're all investing in our favorite liquor to get the party started. it should be fun watching my big fat greek wedding under the influence (wink).

today was a crazy work day but a good after work day. shevi and i caught up lol...and i had time to write in my journal...something i've done since i was in first grade. i swear when i pick up the pen i start to giggle imagining a 7 year old writing her thoughts down. my journals back then were so cute wee little mind.

my wee little crushes. : ) my girl and i were talking about crushes today back in forth in emails today. they're such a good thing to have. i don't talk about the dudes i may or may not date on here cuz they may or may not read this (heehee) but right now i'm not crushing (literal sense of the word) on anyone. i'm enjoying hanging out but something's blocked in that ole chest of mine that i'm content with leaving be for quite some time. i hate it that omarion has a song about a dang icebox where my heart used to be...cheeseball head! (i can actually relate in a way though hee hee) ..the dude sounds mad angry in that song...i on the other hand am just kind of numb. it's cool though. when i'm twitterpatted i'm so happy..the glass is so full it runs over and i overlook some key bad news behavior patterns so everything works out. this doesn't stop me from loving it that my friends are twitterpatted though. : ) i like it when someone's grinning so hard their eyes burst with go b!!!

so get news of girls banded together and bought me wicked tickets for my birfday gift!!! ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! i'm going to wicked!!! next friday actually. ya'll i don't know what i'm going to do with myself...i swear when the curtain parts i may cry just a tiny bit. man...then i'm going to san francisco the weekend before my is swell.

weekend forecast: i think i'm going to a nice little event with my girls on saturday night...followed by a 'hang out thing' on sunday. i met someone who loves to watch movies just as much as me. we're gonna double it up. that's my kinda hang out session...oh! i'm also picking up a tv for my bedroom so that i can be an even bigger's a freebie from a friend on myspace actually. isn't this site just grand? that's about it for me. : ) sigh...i love fridays


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