diary of a goof

ah the things we realize once we've stepped out of that damn box.

i'm sitting here watching a movie that has me cracking up....laughing alone mind you but i don't give a hoot. introspection sets in and the dang truth comes out. so many thoughts racing thru my head. i can't even focus to write this dang blog. i've erased four differen sentences lol. just can't write.

i've been a goofy littl thang today...maybe it's cuz the weekend is around the corner, maybe it's cuz i'm starting to see my light once again (living out in los angeles causes you to write/say statements such as 'i see my light') or maybe it's cuz i have some goofy friends that keep me on my toes and make life plain fun.

i've learned a valuable lesson in the past couple of weeks. i'm a soldier when it comes to people trying to break me. if i ever have to help one of my girls with a similar problem i know i'll be able to...there's this lowest of low point, followed by introspection, rationalization and hopefully...hopefully peace. real peace. the kind of peace where you learn the 'other' wasn't trying to break you after all...just let their selfishness or smarts get in the way. tyler perry says sometimes we keep holding on to what God, Himself doesn't want us to have. "Give up the ghost!" then you feel lucky cuz you learn it's just more time to find yourself. big sigh....yeah applause...she's getting it!

makes for a good weekend. my eye is still going berzerk on me...i know my body doesn't like cali very much so i'm gonna go get that checked out and then i'm seriously chillin...getting coffee with my girlie e on sunday morning...shooting the breeze...watching the superbowl with b and her people. bring a little ceviche and grub grub grub. that's my kind of weekend yo!


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