consolation prize

it's a darker way of looking at the brighter side of a bad situation...

in most relationships (i can't speak for the human lumps) the two luv birds bring certain aspects from their lives to the table... you never really think of these things until it's break up season and then life gets interesting.

i dated a cat once and after we broke up i remember thinking about all of the things i introduced him to that he would take into his new relationship...jokes i had told him, phrases, certain ways of speaking, restaurants i had introduced him to...basically tish culture. he wasn't a lump...he gave me some stuff as well. i like to think of these little mementos as consolation prizes. ™ (hee hee)

it makes you rethink any negative thoughts about your former loves. i love my ipod...i love la jolla, ceviche, the phrase i say "one bad joke two bad jokes ah ah ah" movies i was hipped to, books, music...

some may not want to admit that fun parts of their character came from an ex that may have possibly broken something integral inside but everything happens for a least we get some prizes to take home.

i'd love to be out with people and have the power to see when they're using one of their consolation prizes...a small ding sounds...i'm sure it would happen a lot.

i had a good day today. yesterday was boring and painful but today i was quite productive...i watched the ku game (thanks again justin for texting me two minutes before it was over to tell me they i love tivo), started a maid of honor project, fed oscar some yummies, watched some good flicks. it was just a good quiet saturday. there are new guys that make me laugh. no dating for a while but i'm starting to open back up to the possibility that one day my rules will come back and i'll watch for things to click again...

see if the men folk dig the consolation prizes i bring to the table


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