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blogs are the best thing since sliced bread.

i just caught up on my favorite vikk's blogs and i swear i've never laughed so hard in my life. the girl can definitely write that's for darn skippy. i would put the link to her site on here but i have to ask her permission first : ) she seriously is a great story teller though and finds the best humor in every day situations. isn't that what it's all about? she freaking wrote about maxi pad advertising lol...ha! killin me...

i'm currently sitting on the floor in my living room rubbing my chin because i can't seem to feel it...i just got back from the dentist. yes, i realize it's 7 something on a saturday evening. (gotta love los angeles schedules) i had my first cavity and it happened to be the size of jupiter. he shoved a mirror in my hand and made me check it out cuz it was so amazingly big. it just me or does anyone else feel like a failure when they go to the dentist and they an extra long time to scrub all the plaque off or in my case fill a cavity? i hang my head in shame.

ope. my 'fatima' just called me. :) in case you don't know what a 'fatima' is i will tell you. there's this book called, _the alchemist_ which tells the story of a young man who sets out to find his dream...along the way he runs into a woman who becomes his true love...she is worthy of this title because she supports his dreams...her name: fatima.

i have a fatima and he's great. you're lucky if you can find one. they're a rare thing. anyways he called promising to come see me soon. i'm not gonna hold my breath but it's good to hear a friendly voice. my friends from back home have really done a good job of reminding me why i chose the name "revolutionary petunia" on this darn's cuz i was a bad mama jama. she's coming back though!

question for my all of you know i have a deep love for the book _wicked_ i read it and actually cried when it ended...i loved the heroine, elphalba...i loved her dearly so you can imagine the joy i felt when my ex told me he bought me tickets to the broadway musical for valentines day 2007. i cried i was so happy....but as you all know we broke up. i couldn't even keep in the question...five minutes after we decided to part ways for good i asked if i could still go see wicked...and he said he didn't know...

it's next week. do i ask him again if i can have them? does that seem weak and stupid? they were a gift right? hurry though...valentines day is fast approaching.

did i mention elphalba was green? soul mates i say...


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