bad moods lead to 'baaad moves'

it rained this morning...started me off in a heinously foul mood...which got worse after sitting thru a discussion of my past. for the record i never said i was wonder woman so why the high expectations that i can dust it off so easily? i'm good but that stuff still hurts. this whole frustration thing led to some pretty productive emails and phone calls though.

the anger i was starting to feel led me to seriously wig out on working at the god awful place i'm currently at. i picked up the phone and called this woman trying to get me to interview with her modeling agency. so i did and i have an appointment next tuesday. hopefully this works..i'm sick of meetings that leave me with nothing. i need a foot in the door move. this could be it.

i also got my birthday plans underway. i will be hanging with three gals in san francisco and i can't wait. i'm pumped like a shoe ya'll! if you have any suggestions let me know cuz i've never been. i really want to eat some amazingly perfect food, see the g.g.bridge and see some cool show with my folks.

random question of the day: ok those with some kind of background in literature...can you explain to a sister why i keep reading these books by black female writers that discuss sexual acts in such graphic, viscerally (word?) disturbing ways? i can't take it sister souljah and ms. walker..ya'll gotta give me some birds and the bees, chirp chirp, sweet sweet, kiss kiss type of stuff before i scratch all my skin off like a crack head. jeez this stuff is heavy. i still recommend it though : ) hee hee.


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